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Designed with love ♡ for you                                                                                        100% recycled gold & silver                                                                          Fair & responsibly handcrafted

Designed with love ♡ for you

100% recycled gold & silver

Fair & responsilbly handcrafted

5 perfect jewelry pieces for your wedding

5 Perfekte Schmuckstücke für Deine Hochzeit

When the best day of your life is just around the corner, every detail is important - especially the jewelry that completes your look. Here you'll find a hand-picked selection of jewelry designed specifically to make brides shine on their big day. From the delicate elegance of pearls to the timeless shine of gold, here are the five perfect pieces of jewelry for your wedding that every bride should know.

1. Verona Necklace: Elegance in Pearls

Culaje Verona Necklace 18k Gold Vermeil Perlen

The Verona Necklace combines the classic beauty of pearls with modern 18k gold vermeil. Inspired by the romantic city of Verona, this piece promises to add a subtle but stunning touch of elegance to your wedding outfit. Perfect for the bride who appreciates classic beauty with a modern twist.


2. Mila Earrings: A touch of glamor

The Mila Earrings are the perfect example of what contemporary elegance looks like. Crafted from 18k gold vermeil and enriched with the finest pearls, these earrings offer a touch of glamor that will elevate your look to a whole new level. They are the perfect choice for the bride who wants to make an unforgettable impression.


3. Mila Bracelet: Delicate grace

Culaje Mila Bracelet 18k Gold Vermeil Perlen

The Mila bracelet is a masterpiece of restraint. It combines the delicacy of pearls with the warmth of 18k gold vermeil to create a piece of jewelry that is both understated and striking. This bracelet is ideal for the bride who believes that true beauty lies in simplicity.


4. Verona Earrings: Classic beauty

Complementing the Verona Necklace, the Verona Earrings offer a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity. These earrings are a must-have for brides aiming for a cohesive yet stunning jewelry look. They promise to surround any bride with a sense of perfection.


Rome Necklace: A symbol of love

Culaje Rome Necklace 18k Gold Vermeil

The Rome Necklace represents the eternal city of Rome and the infinity of love. With its minimalist design in 18k gold vermeil, it is a symbol of timeless elegance and a perfect addition for brides who follow a less is more philosophy.


Bottom line: Be yourself.

No matter which style you choose, it is important that you feel great on the most beautiful day of your life. Choosing the right jewelry is like choosing a wedding dress. If you wear the right thing, you will feel it.