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Designed with love ♡ for you                                                                                        100% recycled gold & silver                                                                          Fair & responsibly handcrafted

Designed with love ♡ for you

100% recycled gold & silver

Fair & responsilbly handcrafted



To give you a better idea of our different necklace lengths, you can find a photo here.

We have 3 different necklace lengths for you to choose from:

34cm + 6.5cm extension
41 cm + 5 cm extension
45cm + 5cm extension

Now choose your desired necklace length.

You can also extend any necklace with our extender


Not sure which ring size to order? No problem! We are here to help you.

With the following 2 options you should be able to quickly determine your ring size.

A small note in advance. Your fingers swell when they are warm and shrink when they are cold. Also, the size of your fingers varies throughout the day. So measure your fingers several times at different times of the day to be absolutely sure

Culaje Soleil Ring 18k Gold Vermeil

Use a matching ring

You may already have a ring that fits perfectly. Measure the inside diameter of your ring and look at the

table below according to which ring size corresponds to your diameter.

Measure your finger

First choose the finger you want to wear your new ring on.

Wrap a narrow strip of paper (about 10cm long) around your finger where you want your ring to sit.

Mark where the paper touches to find the perfect fit.

Measure this length with a ruler and compare it to the circumference column in the chart.

Culaje Zoe Ring 18k Gold Vermeil Perlmutt
Durchm. in mm Umfang in mm Größe EU Größe US
16,5 52 52 6,00
17,0 54 54 7,00
17,94 56 56 7,75
18,5 58 58 8,5
19,1 60 60 9,1